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Central Solar Systems has been designing, installing and servicing swimming pool heaters and spa heaters since 1980.

We specialise in a wide range of solutions - from residential spas and swimming pools right through to commercial spas and swimming pools in resorts, apartment buildings, swimming centres, schools, etc.

We use computer analysis to offer the best type of heating solution based on the needs of each individual customer.  Our customers always get what they need!

The sections below explain the main types of swimming pool heating and spa heatingsolutions that have emerged as the best to satisfy the needs of most modern lifestyles.


A properly sized and designed solar pool heating system really does work! Solar pool heating is not meant to provide 12 months of pool usage - if you want to use your pool all year or if you have specific temperature requirements you should be looking at our heat pumps.

Solar pool heating is designed to provide at least four additional months of pool usage and to provide more constant temperatures in the warmer months. For most people this means that their pool usage is at least doubled. For other people it means that they are now swimming for 4 months of the year where previously their pool was too cold to swim in at all!


  • Invented the strip absorber system in 1974.  The strip absorber system is the basis of most solar pool heating systemsthat are currently available

  • Also offers a new generation panel system - released in 2010

  • Won an Australian Design Award

  • Committed to ongoing research and development.  Zane is still the industry leader.

  • Owned by Waterco, a publically listed Australian company that is the largest supplier to the Australian pool and spa industry

  • Rock solid warranty

More information:

Zane Gulfstream Brochure

Zane Gulfpanel Brochure


For those who want their perfect temperature whenever they use their swimming pool or spa.

Heat pump pool heaters are another type of solar and can be sized to provide your perfect temperature, 365 days per year.

The Rheem heat pump pool heater is manufactured in the USA and is very efficient (more heat into your pool for lower cost).

Accent is owned by Rheem and is manufactured in Australia.  Accent is one of the best known heat pump brands, with many significant installations including the 2018 Commonwealth Games Aquatic Centre in Southport.

THERMOswim is a good quality heat pump from China.  We have a few units left at super-special runout prices.

More information:

Rheem and Accent Residential Heat Pump Brochure

Accent Commercial Heat Pump Brochure

THERMOswim Heat Pump Brochure


We can provide you with an indicative price.  You can call us or complete the price indication form and we will get back to you.  The accuracy of our price indication is related to the information you provide.  Please take some time to gather the required information!

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