Wattson Anywhere shows the solar power being generated, the power being used, the power being exported and the power coming in from the grid.  Over time there will be very useful statistics for 4CRB to analyse to determine system expansion type and size, for example, the amount of additional panels and batteries when they become cost effective to optimise further savings.  More information can be seen by running the mouse over the graphs.

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4CRB Wattson Statistics


The TIGO power maximiser system allows each panel to operate independently.  This results in more power being generated.  The TIGO monitoring system allows each individual panel to be monitored.  This allows for prompt problem identification and resolution.  The slider at the bottom of the TIGO dashboard shows the solar power generated during the day, and this can also be replayed like a video.  Charts show daily, monthly and yearly statistics for the whole system, part system and individual panels if required.

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4CRB Tigo Statistics


Three types of statistics are available to 4CRB:

  • Inverter statistics that show the power output of the inverter and other inverter specific parameters

  • Panel level and system statistics that show the operation of each individual panelas well as hourly, daily, monthly and yearly solar power production

  • Usage level statistics that show the actual power usage, solar power generation and if power is being imported to the grid or being taken from the grid

Inverter statistics are losing importance because more useful monitoring such as real time power usage and solar generation statisticsare now available.  This now allows for better informed decisions regarding adding more panels are batteries in the future to provide more savings into the future.

Above: Ray Cooper, Director Central Solar Systems; Hilton Redding, CEO 4CRB; Harry Chami, Business Development Manager Solar Juice 

Above: 6.12kW system on one of the 4CRB roof areas.  4CRB has ample roof area to allow for significant system expansion in the future


Central Solar Systems has engineered a 6.12kW solar power system specifically for 4CRB.  The design was based on power usage figures obtained by monitoring the amount of power being used by 4CRB throughout the day.  The system can be upgraded and can integrate with battery and other new technologies as they become financially viable.  The 4CRB system includes the following components:

  • Panels.  24 x 255W JA Solar/Solar Juice Opal Panels.  Read more on our Opal web page - CLICK HERE

  • TIGO Power Maximisers.  Read more on our TIGO web page - CLICK HERE

  • Inverter.  ABB 20kW.  Read more on our ABB web page - CLICK HERE

  • Clenergy Mounting System.  Read more on our Clenergy web page - CLICK HERE

  • Wattson Monitor.  Read more on our Monitor web page - CLICK HERE

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