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Protect your investment!

Premium systems save more every year, are properly supported by manufacturer owned and run support facilities in Australia, are well supported by the retailer/installer because of the high level of manufacturer vetting and support, and are safe to install on your home.


energy saving hot water from rinnai, siddons solarstream, apricus and stiebel eltron.  Save up to 90% of your hot water heating costs.

Premium Solar Panels and Inverters

Our premium solutions generate more power, have an excellent return on investment, are better supported and are safer.

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Premium Hot Water

Australia's most respected quality brands - solar and heat pump

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Get an online quote for Solar Power

Get an online quote or arrange for an obligation free site visit and firm quote for a solar power system

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Premium Pool Heating

Australian designed and supported solar and heat pump systems

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Buy Wisely And Reap Extra Benefits For Many More Years

Our Premium Solar Power Solutions


We offer exceptional solar panels from LG Solar and SunPower, premium power inverters from SMA and Power One (Aurora), and latest generation power maximisers from Tigo Energy.

  • Earn More Every Year and For More Years Into The Future.  Premium solar panels, power inverters and power maximisers are precision manufactured. This has proven to give the systems a longer life  LG NeON solar power panels and panels from SunPower use a different type of silicon which yields more power and maintains performance over the decades better than silicon used in most other panels. They generate significantly more power over a year than a system of the same size that uses other panel brands, and by year 10 they could be producing around 15% more than other brands. If required Tigo power optimisers can be used where there is some shading, if panels need to be facing many directions, or to simply ensure optimum system performance at all times. The end result of a properly designed system with appropriate premium components is much more money in your pocket every year.

  • Supported in Australia.  The warranties are real and based in Australia. The solar panels, power inverters and mounting system are supported in Australia through manufacturer owned facilities. Central Solar Systems is the warranty agent for the solar panels, power inverter, mounting system and the balance of the components.  System owners can also easily contact the manufacturer's Australian offices directly.  The result is a system that will be supported for a lifetime - no hassles.

Click here to go to our Premium Solar Power Page for more details and product information/brochures on LG Solar, SunPower, SMA, Aurora and Tigo

Our Quality Solar Power Solutions


If you prefer to consider good quality, rather than the best, we offer quality solar panels from Trina Solar and quality power inverters from Delta Solivia.  A quality system won't provide the exceptional earnings every year for many years, but are well supported in Australia and will provide better short to medium term earnings than the very low cost system seen in TV, magazine and newspaper advertising.

  • Supported in Australia.  The warranties are real and based in Australia. Central Solar Systems is the warranty agent for the solar panels, power inverter, mounting system and the balance of the components. 

Click here to go to our Quality Solar Power Page for more details and product information/brochures on Phono Solar and Delta Solivia

Our Premium Pool Heating Solutions


Our premium range of pool heating products includes:

  • Zane Solar Pool Heating.  Zane invented the solar strip absorber system in 1974 and took it to the world.  Now owned by Waterco Zane is still regarded as the industry leader

  • Rheem Heat Pump Pool Heating.  Rheem is a household name in Australia. This premium heat pump is fully imported from the USA.

  • Accent Heat Pump Pool Heating.  Accent is a world leader in premium quality domestic and very large scale commercial pool heating.  Accent has been awarded the contract to heat the pools at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Aquatic Centre in Southport.

  • THERMOswim Heat Pump Pool Heating.  End of model run out.  Don't miss out on a quality heat pump ata a bargain price.

Click here to go to our Quality Solar Power Page for more details and product information/brochures on Zane, Rheem, Accent and THERMOswim pool heaters

Our Premium Hot Water Systems


Our premium range of hot water systems includes:

  • Siddons Solarstream.  Siddons is well known in Australia for quality manufacturing (Sidchrome Spanners, Ramset, Etc).  Siddons is also a world pioneer in hot water heat pump technology. 

  • Apricus Australia.  High quality solar split systems with evacuated tubes and choice of stainless steel or vitreous enamel water tank. 

  • Stiebel Eltron.  High quality heat pump hot water system manufactured in Germany. 

  • Rinnai Solar.  High quality solar hot water systems available in split or with both the tank and panels on the roof.  Choice of stainless steel or vitreous enamel water tank. 

Click here to go to our Quality Hot Water Page for more details and product information/brochures on Siddons Solarstream, Apricus Australia, Stiebel Eltron and Rinnai Solar hot water systems










Click here to view details of the solar power system we installed on radio 4CRB

Select  below to listen to our electrical engineer being interviewed and discussing aspects of solar power systems


Your mortgage is by far the second best way to finance a solar power system or an energy efficient hot water system.  The best way is to withdraw money from a savings or investment account, but not many of us have this sort of money available!

Why The Mortgage? With a mortgage interest will only cost you around 5% - 6%. The return on investment on a premium solar power system or hot water system is normally around 20%. Because of the low interest it is easier to repay, or even if you don't repay straight away it is still making you a tidy profit.

The chart below shows the cumulative earnings for a typical solar power system.  The cumulative interest cost is shown in red and the net profit is shown in green.

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Why Not Interest Free? There is no such thing as FREE.  Finance companies have to make a profit to keep their shareholders happy.  With "interest free" finance the finance company charges the installer a fee which is usually around 18%. The retailer then adds the 18% to the price.  This is not a very clever way to buy an energy efficient system.

Please contact us if you would like to talk to us about this, our systems, our references or anything else!


Are you refinancing, buying a property or able to re-draw on your mortgage?  

If you could invest your money in a term deposit and get 4% return, or invest your money in a premium solar power system and get 20% return, what would you do????



Useful Information on Solar Power


We have dedicated a page to general information which we think you will find useful.  We discuss:

  • Investing Wisely

  • New Australian Code Of Practice

  • Benefits

  • Incentives

  • Feed In Tariff

  • Performance Factors

  • Sizing


Major Components of a Solar Panel and Why Precision Manufacturing is So Important


We have a page which discusses the major components of a solar panel and how the manufacturing process itself can severely harm the performance and safety aspects of a solar panel.  We discuss:

  • EVA Backing

  • Tracks/Busbars

  • What can cause yellowing, short circuits and even a panel fire

  • Cell Quality


Installation and Product Photo Gallery


Our gallery includes:

  • Photos of our shop, warehouse and people

  • LG solar power installations

  • SunPower installations

  • QCells, Hyundai and Trina solar power installations

  • Pool heating gallery

  • Hot Water Gallery


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